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Tahiya Marome

M.A. Instructional Technology

I started ReaLearning because after a career in special education, job training, adult education and faculty training, I have been given some amazing gifts from my co-learners. By letting me try to guide their learning, the students and co-workers that I have had the pleasure of knowing gave me a treasure trove of revelations, ideas, solutions and insights.


I intend ReaLearning to be a locus for better training methods and practical applications of the advances in our understanding of the ever-active human mind. It is inevitable that a practical, real-world focus will reveal deeper truths and give rise to philosophical concepts and profound insights into human learning.


ReaLearning is dedicated to the premise: "Free, unlimited, quality education for everyone, for life." When all societies accept that as a given, we will have the start of a just society. 


Training for real people with tired brains.

ReaLearning Tenets

  • ​Education & Training are cooperative opposites
  • A learner is more than a brain
  • Teaching isn't broadcasting
  • Assessments measure training, not education
  • Self-assessment is a critical learning objective
  • Every assessment should include invention
  • Behavior is communication
  • ReaLearning environments are invinting, not aversive
  • Everyone needs an IEP
  • Guiding learning requires self-awareness
  • Preferences beat discipline
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