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Welcome to ReaLearning

I say I offer training for real people with tired brains because that's what the world needs.


"The Information Age." It sounded so modern and crisp, humming with efficiency. Turns out it's a tsunami of information, and tidal waves are a lot more messy than efficient.


And what does this info firehose require of us? LEARNING. And more learning. The human brain has never had to deal with this much input in the history of history. Learners, and instructors, are exhausted.  


What we need is a way to pare it down, figure out what's really necessary and what can be offloaded to those machines in our purses and pockets. That's what I help with. 


I have over 22 years of experience teaching every kind of brain every kind of task. That has made me an expert on how to approach learning and how to organize information that people have to  learn.  Take a look at the process page for a breakdown on how I do that.

Not sure? Challenge me. Tell me your training problem...
408-375-2019         tahiya@realearning.net
...and if I can't come up with at least 3 ways of looking at it that you didn't consider, I'll give you a free 3-page analysis of a training manual or slide presentation you are currently using to train. 

Training for real people with tired brains.

ReaLearning Tenets

  • ​Education & Training are cooperative opposites
  • A learner is more than a brain
  • Teaching isn't broadcasting
  • Assessments measure training, not education
  • Self-assessment is a critical learning objective
  • Every assessment should include invention
  • Behavior is communication
  • ReaLearning environments are invinting, not aversive
  • Everyone needs an IEP
  • Guiding learning requires self-awareness
  • Preferences beat discipline
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